Located in Palo Alto down the street from Stanford University, the leading health professionals at Bay Health Center are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives by combining knowlege and expertise gained through years of on going training, education and experience.

The doctors of Bay Health Center specialize in the detection and correction of posture problems in both children and adults.

Poor posture has been found to cause stress and early degeneration in the spine which is a common source of back pain.  Studies show that posture is linked to general health.

In order to achieve posture correction Dr. Vitaly Mozeson utilizes a specific posture correction program.  The program starts with a detailed analysis of ones posture through the latest posture analysis technology, a hands on examination, and x-rays (if needed). Treatment will consist of specific Chiropractic adjustments to unlock restricted joints, instruction on posture specific exercises, stretches, daily activity modifications, and therapeutic massage with our threapists if needed.  The time it will take to achieve posture correction depends on the severity of the posture problem.

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